Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Discovering Crochet

What's a glass fuser to do?...

While my glass making kit is all safely packed away in storage for another few months I really felt the need to make something, preferably something that didn't take up too much space or require new equipment... So I decided to give crochet a go. A lovely friend found a learn to crochet set in a charity shop and I was hooked, literally! There are some great tutorials on YouTube for left handers, perfect as most written instructions are for right handers and my sister gave me a beautiful book on granny squares. So after a few practice squares my first completed project was this pink bag, then I made the blue one for my sister.

It's so addictive the main problem now will be having too many projects on the go at the same time - I've got a blanket and a cushion cover started and already have the yarn for my next bag on order!